Summer 2019 update

August 9, 2019

Hey all! First of all, thank you for making the launch of the Prologue such a success! Your comments and feedback were greatly appreciated and will make for a better experience going forward. Here are some of the exciting things we have been working on over this summer so far:

Prologue officially released on Android

Thanks to the beta testers, we were able to fix most of the major bugs on the Android version allowing for a timely release on the Google Play Store. Thank you again to everyone who tried it out (and apologies for subjecting them to the agony of beta testing). Moving forward, our future games will be released on iOS and Android together at the same time. 

Progress and sneak peak of Chapter 1

Progress on Meridian 157: Chapter 1 has been steady, we are about two thirds of the way finished, and aim to have it released October-ish. In the meantime, here is a sneak peak of one of the subterranean facilities you will be exploring! If you have any suggestions or comments please give us a shout, we are always happy to hear from you!



Until next time,

NSI team