Who we are

We established this software company in 2019, in Alberta, Canada with the aim of producing point and click, puzzle adventure games for iOS, Android, Mac and PC. Development of our first game, Meridian 157: Prologue, started during our University degrees, and has evolved to a full time project. We look forward to where the future of game development takes us, and hope that you enjoy playing our games as much as we did making them!

Mission statement

At NovaSoft Interactive we strive for excellence in three main aspects. From our experience, immersive art and ambience is paramount in making a game as enjoyable as possible. This is why we put a lot of effort into realistic graphics and sound design, and never use in-game advertisements as in our opinion they lessen the user experience.


Our second focus is developing a strong and captivating storyline, because adventure games are only as good as their stories. And last but not least, puzzles! Engaging and challenging puzzles form the foundation of our adventure games, and as such, comprise a large portion of our efforts. 


While the Meridian 157 series has concluded with a total of 4 games, we are always actively working on new projects.