October 2020 Update

October 2, 2020

Hello everyone! First off, thank you for your support so far, it means the world to us to have such an encouraging community. Your consistent feedback and support has helped us tremendously throughout this project, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Apologies for the long radio silence. It’s been a busy summer for us with lots of steady progress on Chapter 3, and we have some exciting updates we’d like to share with you! 



Chapter 3 update:

While we don’t have a specific release date as of yet, we’re planning on launching it during the winter months (or summer if you’re in Australia!). Chapter 3 will be the longest title yet, with unique and difficult puzzles, as well as exciting new locations in Facility LAMBDA for you to explore. 

 Here are some screenshots of some of the areas you will venture into in the final chapter:



Mac/PC port:

We’re planning on releasing our current and future titles on the computer. The prologue, chapter 1 and 2 should be available on Mac App Store and Steam in the coming weeks. 

Japanese translations

We’ve added Japanese translations, for a total of 9 supported languages to the series! 



That’s all for now!


NSI team